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7 Life Rules- A Planned Voyage!!

Have you ever glanced back and thought where you’ve been, who you’ve been and what are the beliefs you have formed. The way we are living now is the reflection of these questions. Are you scampering to find some restful… Continue Reading →

Yoga: Get Bent, Get Crazy!

INTERNATIONAL DAY OF YOGA 2020 THE BRIEF ORIGIN!! Yoga evolved in ancient India, that’s what we all know about the origin of Yoga.The procedure was derived from the Sanskrit root ‘Yuj’, meaning ‘to join’ or ‘to yoke’ or ‘to unite’. … Continue Reading →

Like Father, Like Daughter — The Tie Bar!

Starting from provoking my little fingers to hold those protective hands and believing on my tiny feet, to waiting outside for hours for picking me up from my athletics classes, I owe you my life dad. You spent a major… Continue Reading →

It’s A Good Day To Ride!!

Hey guys! It’s World Bicycle Day 2020!! Lots of stress and overburdens restraining our lives, just pedal it out!! For most of us riding bicycle without training wheels was the initial work out challenge we ever learned and mastered.I feel… Continue Reading →

5 ways to boost your immunity in COVID19

Hey guys, Nowadays, mild sneezing can develop a suspicion ailment to our mind😄. That’s obvious, the whole world is in a tangled and twisted position right now. Washing hands and staying hygienic is no more a responsibility presently, it’s a… Continue Reading →

Are you looking for a perfect SELF-MORNING routine?

Another positive day with tons of encouraging energies.😊 Yaa it seems positive with beautiful sun flashes on fresh layers of mist on the fences of my balcony garden.. The glittering sun rays spread various hues of shiny silvers and golds….. Continue Reading →

‘MOTHER’ A Title Just Above Queen

Happy Mother’s Day to all mommies.🤗 Mother’s Day is the occasion to reveal love and gratitude to our precious mother for doing everything positive and encouraging in our life. But, do you really believe that we could anyhow thank her,… Continue Reading →

Bookaholic with ‘NO’ regrets!

A room without books is like a body without a soul. Cicero Hey guys, Don’t judge me with the title. I am not at all a studious kind of soul. It’s that just I love reading a lot. Being academic… Continue Reading →

Rooting Life Indoor🌱

It’s Earth Day Week 2020. And this time we all are here to applaud this moment digitally. This year, Earth Day marks the 50th anniversary of the event being celebrated. Despite the ongoing pandemic that means public events and social… Continue Reading →

How to Manage your relationship in COVID-19 stress

Hey guys,I know I am going to communicate an issue which is actually happening around us but bit complicated to discuss with anybody.🤓 Managing your relationships in current lockdown It may be with your spouse, with kids or any relationship… Continue Reading →

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