Trauma Recovery & Self Realisation!

The words turn to ashes, the emotions felt a mist

Eyes getting soaked up with altered sentiments and twist

The heart is getting hefty and skin starts scraping the soul

Life begins to haunt, every vision and goal

Wait… don’t quit!

It’s not you, they have to judge

They have to confess and they have to plunge

None of the pain you’ve felt is your fault

None of your struggles should keep you in halt

Save your soul, redeem your body

Unhook your spirit from the cage of this so-called shame

Embrace your deeds, understand yourself

You are glorious, just work on this fame


Shame and fear are two very important aspects that always bring a soul back into a realm of darkness and sorrow. In that darkness, a soul finds self-low, reserved, and unruffled with a bad state of mental peace. You must be thinking that how can I judge anyone without listening to their side of the truth. Well, an experience never needs a prove to get believed. In our lives every person goes through some circumstances which make us introverted towards life, some may give us the courage to move on. I’m not the exception!

Childhood is a delicate age to understand all the complexities of life. But, also an age to discern more about every small thing happening around the scene. Seven..yes that’s the age I realized what it feels like moving alone on a road without a person whom you can entirely trust. I witnessed someone like a nasty freak trying to create terror in my head of being seized. Remembrance is dull as it’s a tender age but that blackness is still apparent within me. It was a sharp while, but I shifted my route forever without notifying anybody about the conflict in my head.

Defination of Trauma

After getting away from those distressing memories, I finally realized misremembering a particular occurrence is not the solution in anyways. Years after years, it really didn’t matter whether the age is less or more, I continuously met people who pulled me down and dull. I keep getting into the darkest corner of fear and frights. I felt stuck in life, depressed, distressed, and dejected. Finally, I pulled myself up as I couldn’t find a better option to deal with the bad occurrences, quietly sat, and jotted what I’m lagging with. I felt up delivering self a better possibility to lead this life.

Gradually I started working on this restoration and I hope this post somehow gives you the same ray of hope and courage that I discovered. This blog will help you access the same ease and motivation. You’ll be able to overcome feeling stuck in life and truly find the harmony you’ve been craving for years. So keep your pace to discover some post-traumatic growth sessions.

Trauma Causes & Recovery

Causes of trauma
Causes of trauma

Learning to Let go of the Past

Yaa I’m not an alien, just a human who worked in some impossible circumstances. Past is something that keeps on haunting us, no matter how hard we try to overcome it. But its life and anything that happens in it is not the end of the trail. Start accepting what happened, acceptance is something when you realize that no matter how much it hurts we can’t go back and change anything. It takes so much power to heal, and an acceptance mindset gives us enough to manage that journey. 

Learn to Own Your Personal Power

Just making rules of life and delivering the thread to someone else’s hand can never help you to get out of the mess. When we start feeling we are powerless we gradually accept the abuser’s set of mind. It’s natural to think of self as a powerless soul after going through a lot of those abusive dilemmas. But, now you are free, and it’s time to reclaim your energy. Give your senses a fresh start, try to realize that you are giving empowered choices every day. Once you see this, you can start to push yourself towards resolutions that actually help you heal and recover from trauma. 

Social Emotional Trauma

When your safety is endangered, you have to leave everything and try to gain a sense of safety again before you can move ahead with your life. This can be achieved emotionally and personally both. A person can generate a mental barrier from the toxic people who keep on hammering your head with negative and past remembrances. People surrounding us execute a significant role in staying in or out of mental traumas. So, I suggest you, keep a check on that.
Secondly, sometimes you may feel insecure about your loved ones or those whom you don’t want to suffer from the same traumatic situations. That’s completely normal, we can take that on a positive note and can create some favorable yet not forceful boundaries around them with proper understandings, which can keep them safe as well as thoughtful towards these sensitive issues.

Boosting Self Confidence

Generally, people dealing with mental trauma issues like self-trust and belief. A major hurdle to healing from trauma is when survivors are not believed when they talk about or inform their experience. This gradually increases the trauma recovery and healing process. Survivors may feel that they are being accused of their own victimization, or that their own word about their personal experience is not real.

Here, comes the process of Empathy. Well, there is a major difference between sympathy and empathy. Empathy is when a person actually feels the pain of the victim. When someone listens and understands your pain, the pace of healing speeds up. Being engaged with others who truly understand your trauma can help you feel less isolated and more validated throughout the healing process. 

5 things needed for trauma recovery

Trauma recovery is a unique process for each and every person, it varies how a person wants to deal with it. Sometimes we prefer to stay calm and forget what had happened and sometimes we want to stay in the anger and rage of taking revenge. We can’t judge any personality on the point of how they react to the situation. We can only keep a check on some of the recovery processes we can adopt for ourselves or someone who is suffering from these issues.

The recovery process might involve therapy, support groups, learning new coping skills, advocating for needed changes, and reclaiming lost power, each person’s needs will be different. We need to improve the power of listening without any judgment and let these souls feel that they are not alone but are surrounded by beautiful souls who can still admire and love them.

What I learned I shared, now it’s your turn to work on it and let me feel accomplished by sharing your side of thoughts on Trauma recovery.