Hey guys!

It’s World Bicycle Day 2020!! Lots of stress and overburdens restraining our lives, just pedal it out!!

For most of us riding bicycle without training wheels was the initial work out challenge we ever learned and mastered.
I feel everybody can still recollect those golden days when those protective hands slowly released us to a new world of soul provocation, don’t we?

We entered a new world of adventure, a new journey without fear and barriers. The world suddenly remade the routes for us and we just started flying.

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Let’s come back to World Bicycle Day 2020. We can certainly create a small moment for us on this day and re-live our memories☺️!!

Few ways to celebrate and inculcate this healthy habit within our small ones.


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Discovering places for cycling is not a point to be worried about. No matter which place you live or which country you belong, every city and town has dedicated bike lanes that allow you to ride at your own pace and convenience. You can plan a small exploration trip with your friends to know about your town, on this day. Many bicyclists love to get outside of town for some wind-in-hair excitement of rural bicycling.


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Let people know the tremendous benefits of cycling, yes.. I’m doing the same😁. Whether it’s to boost your fitness, health or bank balance, or an environmental choice, taking up bicycle riding could be one of the best decisions you ever make.

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Few benefits of bicycle riding:-

  • Best way to save our planet☺.
  • Increase your brainpower and subsides illness.
  • Boost your bowel movements and increases your immunity.
  • Loose weight with fun.
  • Heal your heart with fresh air.
  • Controlling pollution is now in your hand.
  • Enjoy healthy family time.
  • You can be fit without trying too hard.
  • Develops a positive addiction.
  • Make friends and stay healthy.


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In developing countries, every day is a race against the sun ☀️ to check everything off your list. So just imagine if everything had to be done on foot. This is the truth for millions of children & their families in rural Africa. Thanks to World Bicycle Relief, they have made a game-changing bicycle solution, the Buffalo Bicycle.

For more details👇

This can be also performed in your neighbourhood as we can encounter a lot of people nowadays struggling to move faster.
We can join some fundraising activities or cycling events to help others in celebrating their existences.


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Before taking them for a riding tour explain them the history of the cycle, this will make them curious about riding one. Share your stories of success and failure with cycle when you rode it for the first time☺(everyone does have some interesting facts to share).

Get your child excited about going for a ride on their toddler bike specifically to enjoy World Bicycle Day. Since you’ve already explained where it comes from and why cycling is such a fulfilling activity, your kids are sure to be ready for some of their own baby bike action as soon as possible.

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Celebrating World Bicycle Day is simply a great reason to get out of the house and onto a bike seat. Possibly it hasn’t been all that valuable to you in the past and it doesn’t need to be a huge celebration, but it’s so much fun to have a bike day and to be honest, it’s extremely effective to celebrate even the tiniest things in life.

Happy World Bicycle Day 2020 everyone!!🤗


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