Hey guys,
I know I am going to communicate an issue which is actually happening around us but bit complicated to discuss with anybody.🤓

Managing your relationships in current lockdown

It may be with your spouse, with kids or any relationship we are into.
Here my concern is swirling around the bonding with your partner in this bothersome circumstances. How can we deal with this COVID 19 situation’s potential impacts on our relationship.

Are you thinking you guys are going crazy, staying together for every single moment?

Does your partner respond aggressively to very common cases?

Is it getting tough to sit and converse with him/her?

Now, these are some common issues we are dealing with. While couples might spend a day or two occasionally working at home together,  shifting towards 24/7 togetherness isn’t all a tamed bliss. 
Coronavirus news is bombed with lots of distressed economic situations, stock market challenges and shelter at home arrangements. But we surely can’t overlook the dilemmas among the people living at that shelter, where we are spending all the time now.

So, here are some best practices which help us to navigate our relationship in the time of this pandemic situations.


It sounds weird as we are in a state of lockdown, staying at the same place. But trust me every person is capable of creating his/her own space physically and emotionally both. Sometimes little extra time with self, boosts the capability of tackling the stress around us.
First thing is to judge whether you need this space or not. Examine yourself, this might be irritability, fear, tension or tiredness. You can overcome this situation with a morning walk, doing something you really wished to do, read a book or simply calling a friend or family member. It’s also important to dedicate some time to your relationship, as more work burden at home with kids, may create more difficulties.
Few tips to withstand your daily self-time routine. Some of my favourites are:-

Reading Books

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Satire, short stories, horror, humour it can be anything according to your choice. I will soon add a blog related to books and my love for reading.
Reading is a way of getting back to the old ways before we had all these ubiquitous electronics.
Reading is the best “sleeping pill” and has no side effects. It relaxes you and prepares you for a good night’s sleep (extra benefits😄).

Yoga and meditation

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Yoga is a holistic and mindful practice that includes physical movements (asana), breathing (pranayama), meditation (dhyana) and relaxation (savasana).

The practise cultivates mind-body awareness, promotes physical movement, and creates intimacy with one’s internal landscape (e.g., emotions, thoughts, physical sensations). Yoga can help to decrease physiological arousal, for example lowering blood pressure and heart rate.

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Wake up early and use this time to do something you really adore

For me, this time is my garden time.
Morning sunlight gives you exposure to vitamin D. Letting your body get a little hot and sweaty might also have hidden benefits. When we surround ourselves with growing plants, we’re getting more than a nice view.

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Talking about the differences can help you to deal with recurring issues and matters. Freshen up on your active listening skills, so you can hear the other person’s viewpoint and let them feel understood for their differences. You don’t have to agree to the viewpoint but letting them feel to be understood and heard will definitely go a long way to create harmony at home.

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Reviewing your attitude

This stressful era is the right time for negativity to conquer your mind. Perfect ground for establishing “I am right, you are wrong” attitude. This answer may give you satisfaction for a moment but will end up with a stressful scenario. Talking and recognising the actual point of conversation may lead to a better conclusion.

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Try to stay on your side

Next time you feel an urge to tell your partner to change a particular attitude or behaviour towards something, try to keep yourself calm. Instead of shouting, you can use soothing words to make them understand the mistake. Initially, it may seem difficult but you will surely judge improvement in this detoxifying process.

Come up with self-soothing therapies

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No, I’m not talking about some big investments in the spa or meet a therapist. It’s just we can come up with few ways which may help our soul and mind to stay calm and comfortable.As I said earlier we can wake up quickly and give some self-time to ourselves. We can avoid COVID related news and talks, because they will create negative vibes within us.
When you find yourself in some chaotic and anxious stage you can sit back and relax. Little bit self-talks may help you to guide yourself. Try to notice when you speak to yourself harshly, and experiment with saying something kinder. Imagine what you might say to a close friend who was stressed.
Bringing more kindness to your own fear and anxiety will help you bring more kindness to your partner’s as well.

Add some gratitude and sense of humour

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A sincere “thank you” will bond you much more than criticisms of what didn’t get accomplished or performed correctly.

Keep things light when you can. Find silly things to laugh about. Social media can be a saving grace for keeping a sense of humor and staying connected.

These are some self-checks we all should try at least ones. This may help us to manage this complicated phase calmly and create constructive vibes at home.

As isolated as it may seem

As hard it may be

The fact is that you are always

a decision away from a

completely different life

Just one action away from a

new beginning


Thanks for this read guys!

Stay home Stay safe.❤

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