Hey guys! I am Sangeeta.
Thanks for stopping by! So, it’s my very first post and I’m really confused about where to start from.πŸ˜„

Casual encounter with an astonishing view 😍
n that’s meπŸ™ƒ

Basically, we all visit a blog to untangle some tangled quizzes, some troubles or barely to comprehend something exotic.
But trust me, I’m not at all here to infer something mysterious or unfamiliar, just to share my treasured experiences, adventures and voyages which brings about something unknown within me and I feel it is worth sharing and creating few additional happier faces.😊😊

img 20190413 152623 01
Bonding with a devil smile 😁

My life is an absolute messed up arena filled with enormous emotions, explorations, confusions what to do and what not..but..but really that’s the positive aspect of human existence.
Everything that arrives as a complication prepares us for a better fortune, more robust and fearless.

So, let’s start a quest to know more about how to streamline our daily workloads, simplifying our daily traumas regarding a healthy life, some adventures, everyday curiosity to do something new and exciting and lot more.

This blog is all aboutπŸ‘‡

20190412104121 img 7599 01
My Travel

My travel and several good and disastrous occurrences πŸ˜… (and obviously how I withstand them). How every instance makes you more proficient in travelling without losing confidence.

Starting from planning a trip of your own to accomplish it with contentment in your heart to save a lot more than you ever visualized. (Trust me it’s as easy and fascinating as planning a day with your loved ones)

psx 20191201 122026 01
More playmate less teacherπŸ€“

About my profession as an educator. This may help you guys predicting our Lil tot fantasies, their visions and basic everyday dilemmas a parent or a kid walkthrough.

The most important way to help our kids feel secure is to make them feel safe, seen, and soothed. And in my blog, we can discuss what I actually mean from the above terms. Stay tuned.

Blooming hope☺

About Me as a parent, dealing with hardships and experiencing happy eternities. Starting from her birth to everyday health matters I dealt with. How to subdue and set a positive representation to others.πŸ’β€β™€οΈ

My photography πŸ‘‡

img 20191214 165738 719
Mesmerising SunsetπŸŒ…
20200228081813 img 1665 01
Dew Drops

They are beautiful when they rest…
they are fresh when they flutter in the winds..
They rise early, spread happiness
keep a song in their heart…
They think spring and are colourful
Never afraid of the branch breaking..
as they don’t trust the branch but their wings..


A story of being passionate about my photographic journey. (As I always dreamt to be a Wildlife Photographer πŸ“Έ)

Heard somewhere, A blog is a perfect tool for a photographer to showcase the love for nature. For me, it’s the only story I failed to assemble in phrases. So, How it all turned on.

And a few additional traits as A epigrammatist, sketcher and a foodie..with a nutritionally balanced physique πŸ’ͺ. Which I think will work as some Masala to our journey altogether.😁

Gonna get a lot of itπŸ˜‰πŸ’­
img 20190411 142758 01
Gourmet’s trial πŸ˜‹ Balinese platter

So, I hope for a long and strong journey with you guys, obviously, a first blog post needs a lot of courage and love to move ahead. πŸ˜‡ looking forward to some mind-boggling interactions and loads of love to parcel.

Longing to add some seasoning to a so-called healthy lifestyle. ✌

Lots of love❀