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Nowadays, mild sneezing can develop a suspicion ailment to our mind😄. That’s obvious, the whole world is in a tangled and twisted position right now. Washing hands and staying hygienic is no more a responsibility presently, it’s a habit we all inculcated in us and trust me, people have established a new method of sleepwalking, i.e washing hands at night😂.

Jokes apart, though it’s difficult to find a bright side to the coronavirus outbreak, one positive thing is that this period of global upheaval may change some of our less-than-desirable public-health habits—and improve our hygiene for good.

Good habits for improving immunity


Immunity is ascertaining a major role in fighting the infection. Research reports suggest that patients with good immunity are fighting the case better. The most important elements that maintain our immune system is a healthy balanced diet, which contains all vitamins and minerals in a balanced proportion.
People are looking to be more health-conscious but, at the same time, are wanting to do so on a budget, turning to everyday foods such as fruit as a result.

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Immunity is also a critical topic among parents, as kids suffer from various health issues every now and then. Don’t let cold and flu season get the best of our kids! Even when it seems like the whole school is sick, there are things you can do to boost their immune system.

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Here is a list of natural and home-based ways you can undertake to improve your immunity without taking a lot of hassle on your way.


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Vitamin D is also called sunshine vitamins because it is produced by our skin when we expose ourselves to sunlight. Vitamin D has several important functions. Perhaps the most vital are regulating the absorption of calcium and phosphorus and facilitating normal immune system function. Getting a sufficient amount of vitamin D is important for normal growth and development of bones and teeth, as well as improved resistance against certain diseases.

Low vitamin D levels have been shown to increase the risk of respiratory infection. So, every day at least 15 minutes of exposure to sunlight can give a boost to our immune instantly.


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As I have already expressed my feelings regarding washing hands nowadays. It should be a regular practice among our small ones too. Don’t make it a rule, make it joy for them. Rules are made to be broken, at least according to our little kiddos. Create counting games or ‘who did it better’ games to bring on that curiosity to do it well. Also, make sure they are washing their hands correctly. Scrub not only the hand but the wrists too. This is literally the most important thing you can do to protect your immune system.

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1.Washing hands before and after meals.
2.After using the restrooms.
3.When you wake up in the morning.
4. After you sneeze or cough.
5. After playing with toys in one room before going into another.
6. When you get home from grocery stores.
7. After ordering meals in restaurants.
8. After using ATMs and coins.


Bacteria in the gut play many important roles such as controlling the immune system by fighting off infections, boosting brain function by controlling the nervous system and improving heart health by increasing good cholesterol levels. There are certain food which helps in improving gut bacteria in terms of quantity and efficiency. Following are some best food to help you improve gut functionality.

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Nuts: cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts etc contains a good number of healthy fatty acids and probiotic properties. Fatty Acids provide a good environment for gut bacteria’s to grow, as they keep the bacteria healthy.

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High fibre foods: Fruits like apples, bananas, oranges and whole grains like oats, brown rice, and quinoa are all excellent sources of fibre.

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Food rich in polyphenol: Polyphenol is an organic chemical that can be found in food like dark chocolate, chestnut, coffee, wine, and tea. 

Food like yoghurt, garlic and Brussels sprouts increase the number of healthy bacteria in the gut and improve digestion, while also fighting off harmful bacteria.


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  • Immune booster drink: This, I must say is my magic drink. It acted as a miracle when I truly wished for. It perfectly worked on my whole family. Moreover, it includes all the handy ingredients which we can get from our kitchen pantry.
  • Holy basil leaves
  • Cinnamon powder
  • Black pepper freshly crushed
  • Turmeric powder
  • Ginger crushed
  • Boil all these ingredients in water till water reduces to half.
  • Strain it, add honey and serve.
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Golden milk: Every mother is well aware of the health benefits of golden milk in a kids life. It boosts immunity, controls cold and cough, it’s a natural liver tonic, cures skin problem, removes headache, improves sleep and lot more.

Take organic turmeric, crush it and boil it with milk. Serve hot with honey.

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Honey infused garlic: The best way to combine the healing benefits of both garlic and honey is to infuse raw honey into crushed garlic. Crushing the garlic first allows the natural enzymes to reach their maximum potential. Soaking garlic cloves in honey will make the garlic much more palatable and increase the immune-boosting power.

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Turmeric, ginger and lemon shots: Run all ingredients through a juicer, or blend in a blender and pour through a cloth-lined sieve to strain out the pulp.
Serve it with a pinch of black pepper and chase with water.


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It’s simple – being physically fit increases your immunological fitness too. Basically, exercise increases blood flow and mobilizes white blood cells, one of the main defences against harmful microbes.
Stress hormones compromise immune function but exercise, including yoga, is very good at combatting stress.
Regular physical activity is associated with better mental health, including a reduced risk or incidence of dementia, reduced feelings of anxiety and depression, improved cognitive function, improved quality of life, improved sleep. 

The key is to keep the workouts moderate, suitable for your particular physical capabilities, and do avoid over-exercising and exhaustion as it will lead to the exact opposite effects – weak immune system and stress.

In this blog, I have only focused on the basic immune booster techniques a person can embrace in his day to day life. But in case of our little ones we need some more detailed specification and that I am going to mention in my next blog!! Stay tuned for this.

Hope this part of easy-going immune-boosting methods will help you guys to deal with this COVID and day to day health issues.

Stay safe and healthy ☺️💪

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