Happy Mother’s Day to all mommies.🤗

Mother’s Day is the occasion to reveal love and gratitude to our precious mother for doing everything positive and encouraging in our life. But, do you really believe that we could anyhow thank her, who gave us the gift of life?
Obviously not, but we can give her a reason to smile on her day, and trust me that one smile of contentment will enhance enormous pleasure to your existence.

We always wonder as if she has some kind of superpower(she does), who keeps everyone in check and she enjoys doing that. Without mother, you know the house would likely fall apart. This is the time to thank her and remind her that she is super important to you and your family.

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Since we’re living in quarantine right now, we are a bit limited – but with the following ideas, I don’t think anyone will feel limited at all on Mother’s Day!


First and the major thing, she needs you. As we all are going through this terrible occurrence of COVID 19, we all can understand that life is just a journey and not a destination to succeed. Life doesn’t care about money, it only cares about love. It’s really heart aching when I imagine people abandoning their parents and grandparents in quarantine, just to make themselves safe.
We can leave behind our fear but we can’t leave behind our fortune. They handled our tantrums whole life and we can hold them back in their hardships(Circle of life).
So, in this time of self-isolation, make her feel needed, tell her she is the rarest gift a person earns in a lifetime. Hold her hand and make her feel safe and protected. In my view, every mother needs her child the most.

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In her chaotic life, she always dreams of someone who pampers her the way she does to others. I think this is the best manner to make her feel pampered. Let her take a break from her everyday kitchen life. Plan her morning tea on the bed with a lot of conversations. You can take care of your mom by just laughing with her. Your life is filled with joyous family memories and hilarious moments. Include a healthy sense of humour🤓.
Plan a special lunch date with her. Cook for her. Make sure her favourite foods are included and that she doesn’t have to get involved – apart from to eat it. Most importantly, witness that gorgeous smile on her face, which you sense as your reward for all those efforts.

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Mothers are our busy superhero. She never grants herself with spare time to do nothing. They too need some time to sit and relax without doing anything. Let her do her favourite work maybe gardening, artworks, watching TV, a long phone call with a friend or just sit back and listen to some really old melody. Pass her some old photo records, which she can sit back and cherish with a cup of tea. She will certainly feel rejuvenated and fresh.

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My mother always desires her house to be super clean and tidy. Not just my mom I know, every mother dreams the same. She should be exempt from all cleaning and household duties for at least 24 hours( If it’s more, it’s better). So try to do it for her, and make her feel that it’s not just her duty to do all the chores.

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I know we don’t have much time to think of some materialistic gift to buy, especially in the quarantined situation. We can plan it now. Create a pretty beautiful corner with some house freshening plants. You can check out my other blog post on plants for better ideas.

What she really wants is to know that you have put thought and effort into choosing something perfect. Trust me she will love it. Your efforts will definitely create that positive vibe all around and enhance her happiness.


Mothers are our best teacher. There is no point of taking them as a student and we as a teacher of course. But, as per our changing eating habits and our lifestyle, there are a lot of unhealthy add-ons in our daily routine. It’s our time to make them switch into a healthful lifestyle and start provoking them to take out some time for herself. That might be your love of juicing, your favourite yoga pose or a great cookbook you have been reading. You can help keep her healthy and feeling great by showing her new tips and tricks you’ve found for yourself. Help her in readying a 1-hour personal care routine and provoke her to follow it for the next 2 weeks.

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Few ideas to add healthy habits:-

  • Five selective yoga poses based on her health and body endurance.
  • Five juicing ideas with seasonal fruits.
  • Daily walk sessions for 15-30 min.
  • Installing Healthcare routine check apps on her phone.
  • Adopting a new habit of pursuing her interest. ( Gardening, book reading, listening to music etc)

This is for you MOM.❤

I want you to know that many of the things you had taught me, assisted me to become the soul that I am today.

I want to thank you for educating me to stay brave, have courage and love life, No matter what.

You have been my gem throughout my existence, expecting nothing in return.

Thank you will never be enough for everything you have done. You are my Guardian Angel.

I love you.

Great Moms nurture us, encourage us to learn and love us, no matter what.
Take the time on Mother’s Day to show how much you appreciate and care for them — after all, they’ve been taking care of you for a long time.

Happy Mother Day to all the glorious mums out there. Hope this blog helps you guys dealing with COVID 19 without risking that beautiful smile on Angel’s face.

Happy Reading ✌

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