Starting from provoking my little fingers to hold those protective hands and believing on my tiny feet, to waiting outside for hours for picking me up from my athletics classes, I owe you my life dad. You spent a major part of your existence as my life coach, an entertainer, a protector, a playmate, a BFF with whom I shared a roof, and a lot more.

You have always been an inspiration to me.😇

-For You Dad❤

Father’s Day 2020 is around the corner and I’m here to express my gratitude to all the fathers under this sky. I’d like to dedicate this post to all the wonderful fathers, fatherly figures, and male mentors who have touched the lives of people out there- be it your own kids, other’s kids, your family, people you’ve mentored and the world at large. We admire your presence and the oftentimes silent but impactful role you have played in our lives.

Let’s talk about why should we celebrate this day with our best person and try to make them feel special and great.

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He has provoked us to believe in the grace of dreams: When it’s about you and your dreams, he never lets anybody come in between. He always acts as support in your toughest time.

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He instructs us to relish every moment no matter where you are: There is never a limit when it comes to fun with daddy.🙃

A partner in crime, our dad always have our secrets safe😉: Just a man with perfection, spilling the beans is never in his checklist.

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Our dad has always kept us safe, a Life Savior: They always act as a personal bodyguard, no chance of faults.

He has made learning faster and easier: Still, remember the tips and tricks he inculcated in us to be effective and productive.

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He is not just our hero, he is our superhero: Possessing supernatural powers, he has dedicated his time and life battling for his family.

Ways to Celebrate this father’s day 2020 in unique ways:-

Now, that’s really tough to work on because each dad has some unique belief about life😅. So let me categorise them to make your task simpler.

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Traveller Dad: While unnecessary travelling is not permitted in the current scenario due to this pandemic, nothing can stop you guys from planning that dream destination with your dad! Spend the afternoon planning a road trip which, you are going to hit as soon as possible. Don’t forget to add a few of my ideas regarding travel journals and scrapbooks.

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Sports Dad: Just because visiting a sporting event isn’t currently a workable choice due to the coronavirus outbreak, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Dad in sportsman fashion. Plan a movie chase with dad that contains his favourite sports-themed movies. This will surely work in lockdown days!!😊

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Foodie/Cooking Dad: Plan a perfect dinner date with your super foodie dad. But, the twist is trying to cook a type of cuisine which your dad will enjoy. He will certainly appreciate your efforts!!

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Gardening Dad: People those who are a gardener at heart, they possess lots of great purity. They are a unique blend of patience, vision, creativity, wisdom and kindness. So, try to organize a small green space for him to spend his restful time there.

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Car loving Dad: If your dad is a car guy, try renting a vintage car and take him for a long drive (don’t forget to let him drive!) or help him detail and wash his beloved car. Try to recollect all those childhood memories you shared while helping him with this job and witness that amazing smile on his face😍.

So as we celebrate this special day, for that special person in our lives who we call father, remember that he may seem remote but likely is more close to you than you realize. He may be the definition of “Tough Love,” but it is love. Even if your dad, father or “old man” is grumpy, opinionated and distant, remember that more likely than not, you are more important to him than you can imagine. So, drizzle your dad with an abundance of attention, praise and acknowledgement. Trust me, he will love it!

When I think about a real-life hero, It’s my father’s name that pops in my mind. I’m
witnessing the awesome combo of two great fathers- (my dad and my kid’s dad obviously😂) in my life to make it more simple and manageable. Thank you guys! for being so perfect and flawless in your deeds😊.

Happy Father’s Day!!

Father Day is on Sunday 21st June in 2020

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