Have you ever witnessed an annoyed face, filled with amazingly distressing glares, Let’s defeat negativity now?

Have you ever looked at somebody and thought,” maybe those cambered cheeks are the result of this bad attitude? “

I sometimes wonder how few of such kinds, manage to stay a whole day with distorted faces making inner self and external livings so uncomfortable. Yes! Everybody of us has witnessed those weird darted looks. A few months ago I myself have noticed that look very closely, that too in my mirror!😁

Yes! I’m talking actually about myself.

Just a month ago, someone called me a very positive person. I wondered really, is it working! Before starting a self-detox process, I was a bit weird and stressful soul. Every single day brought thousands of pressure and anxiety to my mind. Somehow, it became a daily ritual to bother about every single hardship and take it as a huge rock on my head. I end up being a super jittery person. Everyone around me and my inner soul both started grumbling to be normal. I realized and started working on self. I started jotting the issues I’m suffering with, that every person goes through someday in his life. Turned on to solve them one by one, and I did!
I checked a long list of course 🙄…but it’s worth doing it. Ego, Inferiority complex, people-pleasing, being unorganized, and rejection fear have topped the list. Do check for my conquered results to defeat negativity.☺

Everything I conquered relates to one element and that is negativity. Negativity is the mother of all such inventions, plays a major role in a person’s mind. Once we start scrolling down into negative senses we initiate to burry self in an awful muddy environment.
We know we need to keep our head, a clear and safe place because if our mindset is negative, our whole well-being is negatively impacted.
We are all so overwhelmed, yet we keep pushing forward without letting go of anything.

Let’s Defeat Negativity Now!!

Letting go is the key infographic
Defeat Negativity: Letting go is the key!!

In this post, I will discuss a few of the reasons for negativity and share my tricks to free up some headspace, to keep it at bay!


I'm gonna lose infographic

I have seen a lot of people previously assuming that the task they are working on will not reward them according to their expectations. If you never think that things will be better, they won’t be. It gradually starts removing hope out of your soul. The first rule is “Never assume what you can’t control“. Rather, strengthen the instincts of hope in your heart and defeat negativity. Every encouraging vibe attracts more positivity towards you. Just do what you think is good for you, ease up on what’s in fortune. Follow and interact with people who add value or positivity to your life and encourage you in every path of your life.


mother walking son with harness malte mueller
Defeat Negativity: Trying to Control everything might actually be hurting you

You can’t control everything around and when you try to do this you inevitably fail. This slowly increases the process of blaming self. You might think that this is an unusual and extreme feeling, but many of us are guilty of wanting to control the uncontrollable. When we start controlling everything, we are actually keeping self in a prison.  Controlling something, bounds you to stay controlled. Real freedom comes when you let go of controls.
Focus on letting go of things which bother you in your day to day life. Start from smaller ones, try to ignore or delay the process of your reactions. This will work on your anxiety to finish the work now and then. This will create patience and soon you will evolve being a pro in ignoring small baseless deeds and ultimately defeat negativity.


standing out jayk7
Defeat Negativity: When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself

When you try to be judgemental you only try to focus on negative qualities and aspects of self and other’s life. If you take it on yourself, you will soon become demotivated for not being what you wanted to be. If this is about others, you will start creating stories in your mind and gradually criticizing your relationships.  We need to adopt a few basic rules to fight through this specific issue to defeat negativity:-

  • Treat yourself the way you treat others
  • Start loving yourself because everything you do makes you unique from others.
  • Look for the positive side of the coin because every aspect has two perceptions to think on.
  • Practice mindfulness and live in your present moment.


believe in yourself jayk7

Self-doubt plays the role of a seed which gradually gives birth to the tree of Inferiority complex and worries. Being worried about something will change nothing except your health and mental state.
Don’t let your worries and insecurities overcome your inner confidence and faith. The first thing you can take into note is to stop comparing yourself with others, as I have already discussed elaborately in my other blog on Inferiority Complex. Start keeping tracks of your past records, which showcase your achievements and growth. This will encourage you to keep moving with confidence. Lastly, try to keep pre-plans for the alternatives of future failure, this will handle your anxiety and keep your mind relaxed, as you already have the options to choose from.


Nourishing yourself is attainable and you are worth the effort info graphic
Defeat Negativity: Nourishing yourself is attainable and you are worth the effort

That’s, of course, my favorite part of this detox. As in my every blog I somehow manage to keep a special section to convey how to focus on doing what actually makes us happy, here are few more steps for staying positive and defeat negativity. You can also check out my blogs on daily positive routines.

  1. Wake up early and do what you feel like doing every morning. I generally go for gardening, a walk or sometimes writing 5am poetries🤓.
  2. Try to train your mind, to act calmly on any sort of matter. It takes time but it will definitely change your attitude towards life.
  3. Take care of your body. That’s basic, everyone wants some time for self-nurturing. Try out yoga, gym or easy 15 minutes meditation.
  4. Read before you sleep. That’s a sort of suggestion as I have already witnessed a lot of positivity and good sleep after reading.
  5. Stay away from toxic people and comments. We generally come across few souls who carry negativity and bad vibes. I generally try to cut them off my life. That’s a gradual process but it’s really effective.

So do a bit of rough planning and then start your journey.
I hope my views somehow work as wonder in your life and defeat negativity.☺ I definitely need more points to work on. Let me join you in your self-detox process and enlighten me with your views on the positivity!