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Overnight Oatmeal Recipes : Clean Eats

Mornings are constantly the most hustle and bustle period of the day. Have you ever dreamt of a day filled with an equilibrium between perfect gut health and time management? Yes! That’s completely possible and practical. I have already posted… Continue Reading →

Unravelled Travel Stories : Odisha Canyon Lake!!

Hey!It’s another happy weekend and I’m precisely halted myself to share this week’s picturesque adventure with you all. After almost 3-4 months I prompted myself to peep outside my cosy compartment😂! Finally, fetched a ray of positivity from the intense… Continue Reading →

Locust: CATASTROPHE for farmers, CRISIS for food security!

We need food to feed 7.6 billion people each day, sustainably. But a threat to food security that can cause inflation and food crises amidst the COVID19 pandemic has lifted its head! Foods for millions of people is vanishing every… Continue Reading →

My June Journal!!

Hey guys!! So another month passed with lots of ups and downs in both phases of existence – in and out, lol 😄. Starting from environmental modifications to familiar transformations, everything took a big halt to move on. A lot… Continue Reading →

7 Life Rules- A Planned Voyage!!

Have you ever glanced back and thought where you’ve been, who you’ve been and what are the beliefs you have formed. The way we are living now is the reflection of these questions. Are you scampering to find some restful… Continue Reading →

Yoga: Get Bent, Get Crazy!

INTERNATIONAL DAY OF YOGA 2020 THE BRIEF ORIGIN!! Yoga evolved in ancient India, that’s what we all know about the origin of Yoga.The procedure was derived from the Sanskrit root ‘Yuj’, meaning ‘to join’ or ‘to yoke’ or ‘to unite’. … Continue Reading →

Like Father, Like Daughter — The Tie Bar!

Starting from provoking my little fingers to hold those protective hands and believing on my tiny feet, to waiting outside for hours for picking me up from my athletics classes, I owe you my life dad. You spent a major… Continue Reading →

A Quick Glimpse Of Today’s Sundown!!

Hey guys, Astonished with this delightful image? So am I☺!! Never glimpsed this amazing view before. Yaa, of course! I have my reasons to justify my beliefs on it😄. This gorgeous blooming beauty is known as ‘ Brahma Kamal‘. It… Continue Reading →

The Nomadic Writer : Sunset And Love

Life seems to be a never-ending trek and everybody strives to proceed like a king! Repressing all sensations within that darkest closet, exhibiting that fake smile on face and seek for that untrue fame. But sometimes the inner soul wants to ink up your mind with enormous thoughts and your fingers yearn to move on the page to infer every single passion within you.

It’s A Good Day To Ride!!

Hey guys! It’s World Bicycle Day 2020!! Lots of stress and overburdens restraining our lives, just pedal it out!! For most of us riding bicycle without training wheels was the initial work out challenge we ever learned and mastered.I feel… Continue Reading →

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