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Astonished with this delightful image? So am I☺!! Never glimpsed this amazing view before. Yaa, of course! I have my reasons to justify my beliefs on it😄.

This gorgeous blooming beauty is known as ‘ Brahma Kamal‘. It is an Indian mythological flower that has many stories around it.

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These are also known as Saussurea Obvallata, largely found in the Himalayas. What’s astonishing is that, It blossoms only one night throughout the year. As it blooms, it releases a beautiful fragrance in the atmosphere. These flowers start flourishing after sundown. It takes around 2 hours to bloom completely up to 8 inches in diameter and remain open the entire night.

It is generally known as “Queen of the night”, “Lady of the night”, and “Night Blooming Cereus” because of its flourishing behavior during the dark. It is considered as a sacred plant in India.

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Brahma Kamal Considered Lucky!!

Brahma Kamal is the state flower of “Devabhumi”, which is also called as “Land of Gods”, that is Uttarakhand, India.

Yes, Brahma Kamal has tremendous importance in Indian mythology and is assumed lucky. Glimpsing the blooming Brahma Kamal is not easy as it’s the unique flower which only blooms during dark time, and that too just once a year. This flower is named after the god of creation: Brahma.

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Medicinal property of Brahma Kamal!!

Brahma Kamal is said to have several therapeutic advantages. Although it’s not clinically proven. It supports in treating fever, cough, cold, bone ache, paralysis treatment, liver inflammation, wounds, intestinal ailments, etc.

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Growing guide of this beauty!!

  • The plant usually grows from cutting.
  • Brahma Kamal usually emerges from leaves, which are thick and flat and the leaves cover the stem.
  • It must be half shedding and half-light.
  • It must be planted before winter.
  • Brahma Kamal is a cactus type, so it won’t need much water and can be watered every two or three days.

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Since the plant matches cactus and flower has orchid beauty, it is also called as Orchid Cactus. People believed to be lucky enough who witnesses the bloom. Brahma Kamal is named after Brahma the creator of Universe and so it is also called as “King of Himalayan Flowers”.

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They need conservation too!!

Due to its high medicinal values and demand, many tourists, as well as local people, are picking up these plants which make them become extinct and needs protection.

Hope this post encourages every one of us to grow this beautiful blossom in every garden, terrace and lawn. This plant teaches us to be tolerant, productive and elegant in all ways!!

Happy gardening friends!!✌

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