Poet in me

The Occurrence of a cloudy dawn,
Thrills the heart of a winged born.

Fluttering and striving to reach her fate,
Struggling through storms to reprieve her mate.

She is pleasant, she is free
Grateful to her God, thankful to her thee

She could sing her dayspring hymns,
She could grab her fat worms dine.

Many horrible impressions clasping her mind,
What would she do to watch him free beside.

The caged bird stands on the grave of his dream,
His shadow squeals on a nightmare scream.

Longing for his love, to arrive and stay,
Yearning for his freedom in dark and day.


Hey everyone,

Recalling my last blog, I let out my journey from those unfavourable mental conditions to adopting a positive lifestyle. As we all know positivity arrives from within, from those thoughts which surround our existence, the people we come across, the picture our senses deal with and most importantly, the work we do.
Here in this blog, I’m describing the work I chose to keep my senses productive.

From childhood, I had a keen interest in all those activities in which there were no rules, restrictions or rims to stay in. Slowly, I came across my interest in discerning beauty all around. I got that strong desire to keep them as memories forever. Eventually, I started my journey of capturing the charm around me!!

My bird gathering around the world!!

20180809104410 img 3264 013026949524331582369
Grey Crowned Crane
20190112081845 img 4669 011862822303265365246
Marsh Sandpiper
img 20181123 224047 01747963863403949956
Nicobar Pigeon
20180809111506 img 3334 013457171837128407297
Western Crowned-Pigeon
20180809104344 img 3261 014331962764511573366
Lesser Adjutant
20180809101448 img 3162 024996114412476685810
20180809104338 img 3260 014402298724394705524
Grey Heron
20180809103516 img 3224 01865461340058846616
Crestless Fireback

This voyage will never end. For more bird theme photography do check out my photographic Instagram page.


As my first photography blog, I want to bring up the beauty of my homeland.

Provocation always starts up from home.

Scenic Mangalajodi!!

20190112084022 img 4760 015617333854755150585

Almost one and half hour drive from Bhubaneswar (Odisha), it’s an extremely scenic place to visit and get some morning soul-soothing freshness. Mangalajodi is well known to the best birders in India. 
The Chilika area is recognised globally for its great biodiversity. Mangalajodi is one of the largest of the 132 villages located on the banks of Chilika lake.

20190112082900 img 4711 21554346632399893726
Purple Heron
20190112085855 img 4860 012310101327369070246

Normally the lake hosts over 200 species of birds of which at least 80 are migratory. In peak seasons of Nov-Feb, it hosts more than 300,000 birds. It has been designated as an important bird area by Birdlife International for its importance as a significant global waterfowl habitat.

psx 20190115 231920 017904797561630254190
Malagasy Pond Heron
20190112073509 img 4504 012499315925556440826
Purple Moorhen

So basically, every year I assign myself one place from my homeland to visit and take it as my photographic assignment (especially on my birthdays). Mangalajodi was my 2019 task and I’m glad I did it.

20190112074314 img 4545 1 018234847177246845842
Snowy Egret
20190112074208 img 4541 017550666979714059483
Black African Openbill Stork

I heard about Mangalajodi from few of my photographic friends and it provoked me to tour it.
We started our journey early dawn as we really didn’t want to miss that early morning fluttering captures. Completely scenic way without any hassle to reach our goal.

We entered a very basic small fishermans boat that had sittings only for 4 people. But, it’s a wise decision as I always need some privacy while clicking, also you get an enhanced explanation about the place history and some backstories.

img 20200306 221305 565
Me Capturing The Fluttering

We arrived into the water of the Chilka Lake covered with hyacinth weed, sprawling through an avenue of tall null grass. It’s around 5:30 early sunrise and we witnessed the most overwhelming fluttering in the air.

20190112083310 img 4731 012511599514812787208

Brief past of Mangalajodi!!

Getting into a brief history of Mangalajodi with the fisherman, he conveyed until over a decade ago, the primary livelihood of nearly a hundred families in Mangalajodi was based on killing, selling and eating birds many of them migratory, from far flung parts of the world like Siberia.

20190112074428 img 4551 011312722184414740025
Northern Pintail

Over the years, the migratory birds that flew to the marshlands of Mangalajodi in winter instinctively sensed the danger, and their population gradually declined. The lack of awareness and alternate livelihood opportunities earned the local bird poachers and their village a shameful reputation, one that would gradually inspire an incredible transformation.

Nand Kishore Bhujbal, a resident of Tangi, situated some 5 kilometres from the Mangalajodi, took it upon himself to save the furry-winged guests that arrive here every winter. 

He started educating the locals on the possible downsides of the dwindling bird population. However, it was an uphill task for Bhujbal to convince the rural folks to give up their livelihood until he ensured an alternate mean of sustenance to the families. He formed a bird protection council called Sri Mahavir Pakshi Suraksha Samiti and established Mangalajodi ecotourism in 2003 incorporating the local delicacy and lifestyle.

Black-winged Stilt
20190112073443 img 4501 012349265744463968415

The vision was to provide the sustainable livelihood to the locals. The cottages in the ecotourism hut were built of bamboo and mud. They were named after the most popular birds in Mangalajodi.

20190112091820 img 4924471266333289573892
Northern Pintail

Pin Tailed Ducks, Rudy Shell Ducks, Black Tailed Godwit, Temminck’s Stint, Ruff, Marsh Sandpiper, Golden Plover, Small Pratincole, Oriental Pratincole, Black Headed Ibis,Egrets, Indian Pond Heron, Grey Heron, White Throated Kingfishers, Barn Swallows and Brahmini Kite are the variations of birds we can see in Mangalajodi.

National Chilika Bird Festival!!

A new initiative of the Odisha government, the National Chilika Bird Festival takes place at Mangalajodi on January 27 and 28 each year. The inaugural edition was held in 2018. The festival aims to put Chilika on the global tourist map by hosting bird watching trips, workshops, photography competitions, and promotional stalls.

How to reach this place and all essential informations is available at this amazing portal of Odisha Government’s Tourism site. For more details you can ping me in the comment box below.


20190112073517 img 4506 016983856964183096827
Snowy Egret
20190112072843 img 4477 01208712216477570595
Ret Wattled Lapwing
img 20200119 200539 0181557772650313364430
Backyard Ducks
20190112080359 img 4621 018757670150142101747
Fluttering Soul歹

Hope everybody enjoyed this image blog. This is about my fingers-on- camera scene and my way to stay calm and productive. Find yours and share your experience.


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