Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

~ Albert Einstein

You know that you crave something to fetch you out of this busy mess. You know some deeds and efforts of you, will surely make things much easier. But, you don’t have time to get organised, as it really seems a hard task to work on. Well, I think it’s time to find out an organised aspect of your life. I’m basically jotting here few awesome tested lists which will surely help you guys in managing and organising your daily schedule.

I must tell you I’m not a pro doing everything in a planned manner. While battling with my daily work calendar, waking up with no path ritual, forgetting a few of my prior appointed schedules, gradually made me realise the requirement of being in a previously organised path. I gradually dig myself in looking for some easy and manageable hacks.

Understanding the need for being organised, made me happier and efficient. Truth is, it’s not that hard as it seems. So today I thought it’d be helpful to share with you, few easy ways that I hold on top of things and keep the chaos at bay!


Jot down your schedule

I personally believe writing anything lends the brain, power of remembrance for a longer-term. You might inscribe it in a planner, calendar, diary or an app. You can write it anywhere, the purpose is to get it out of your head. Lot of stuff revolving in the head can direct to an unorganized behaviour.
It’s hard to stay in a track if our mind tries to mug up everything. Here, writing plays a major role in resolving this issue. Now, it’s not the end, where you inscribe your thoughts is also important. I favour a bullet journal as I can use it to consider monthly tasks, daily to-do lists, scribble down ideas such as festive lists and so on, all in the one place. But go with whatever works for you.



So now as you have already started pulling out everything off your head, get organised with it and plan. Whether it’s a daily, weekly, monthly or longer, you need to plan it prior if you want to stay organised. I know, it sounds very much laborious and sluggish to work on but it will actually work like a wonder on your daily chaotic lifestyle. At least, will surely take you out of that unsettled and confusing dilemma of getting everything on one day, no time last moment situations or from that nagging feeling that you have forgotten something!

Wake up every day, take a look of your calendar what’s coming up. A birthday party, a night out, pre-scheduled appointments or whatever it is, plan for it. By breaking tasks down into monthly, weekly, daily, it should stop that overwhelming feeling of needing to do EVERYTHING in one go!
There will then be all of those unusual chores and duties that you know you need to get around to sorting, write them down and then assign them to a day/week/month task list.


Organize your life

It’s a complete nightmare when you look back your entire month’s mess in a single drawer. Commonly, Every room of our house has that one trashed cabinet which gives us a dreadful emotion. Possibly your bathroom cabinet is a mess or the hall closet, or you have a drawer in the kitchen you can rarely open because it’s so disorganized. Let’s work on it first.

  • Don’t try to clean everything in one day. That makes the work ruder.
  • Add 1/2 hour cleaning term to your schedule.
  • Empty the space completely.
  • Throw away any trash or donate unused items.
  • Sort like items into their own dividers, boxes, or bins.
  • Put away things in a way that allows you to clearly see everything you have.

This will work on every sort of messy cabinet and closet. Dividing the task each day makes the work easy, adds on a good addiction and creates a positive sense of working in a tidy environment. Eventually, you will feel happy.


Furniture with extra storage

You should always go for the items or furniture with extra space. It looks homey and adding little more space always have its own benefits. By doing this you will free up a lot more space around the house and everything will look more sorted and organised.
This hack works wonder on every corner of the house. May it be your shoe cabinets, organized dressers, storage ottoman benches, kitchen spice organisers or proper desk organisers everything gives that beautifully organised vibes to your room.


Financial Tracker

Making money is great and all, and I know how to do THAT, but then what? Personal finance is something I have struggled with in the past for a number of reasons. But now gradually it is getting into the orbit.

Performing this will not only protect your money and show you what you’re spending on, but it will also teach you how to be more responsible with your finances.

You can use anything from a spreadsheet to a financial planner app to do this, but whichever way you choose to track your finances will surely get you closer to your financial goals. You can also prefer some personal finance books, they will truly change the way you manage your finance.


Weekly Organizer

Scheduling everything a week before, will surely reduce the planning and preparing part of the day. Women with busy schedules can use this hack to get more organized and chaos-free mornings.

Meal preps: Meal prepping might sound scary as it actually takes a hell lot of time for the day. But, in the long rush of the week, you feel comfortable and relaxed. Meal preps also help you with settling your diet goals and tracking your calorie intakes.

Meal Preps

Create a weekly menu: Having a weekly menu will make it easier for you to shop because you’ll already know what you need, and cooking will become a breeze!

Weekly menu

Have backups: One of the most helpful things I have adopted recently is keeping backups of the physical and virtual things I use often. Nowadays we live in two realms, one is physical and other is virtual. Both realms should be backed up appropriately.

Physical backup: I have a designated cabinet to store all my backups like batteries, snacks, bathroom essentials etc. This will keep you ready for every hardship, just for instance a surprise visit of your friends for a few days.

Supermarket Planner

Virtual backups: Many times our phones/laptops are crashed or stolen and we end up losing all our data. Data has become the most vital part of life, which should be backed up in a regular schedule. For Phone, I prefer Google contacts to keep a proper check on my contacts and Google photos to keep my memories safe. For a laptop, it’s better to install Google drive to keep your data safe.


  • Make your bed as soon as you wake up.
  • Keep your desk organised.
  • Schedule your beauty treatment in advance.
  • Keep your gym bags ready a day before.
  • Keep an extra storage bag in your car.
  • Set cleaning zones throughout the week.
  • Set reminders on your phone.
  • Declutter your medicine cabinet.
  • Create a drop off zone at your home.
  • Clean out your wallet.
  • Labeling things in home may sound like a pain and a useless thing to do, but many people swear by it!
  • Declutter your phone.
  • Manage your passwords.
  • Pick out your outfit the night before.
  • Use storage bins, they always sort my chaos for storing my essentials.
  • Declutter your computer files.
  • Clean out your purse.
  • Clean out your inbox, getting rid of unwanted subscriptions is such a good way of getting organized!

Getting organized doesn’t have to be hard and time-consuming. By barely adding a few extra habits to your weekly schedule, you can get organized quickly and efficiently without even thinking about it!

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What are some ways to organize your life that you swear by? Let me know in the comments!