Live your life for you, not for anyone else. Don’t let the fear of being judged, rejected or disliked stop you from being yourself.

Rejections! Yes, it never sounds decent, never feels good either. Have you ever thought of these questions-

  • Why me?
  • Why I’m not receiving an invitation to this event?
  • Why my friend is ignoring my message?
  • Why they rejected me after such a great conversation during career talk?
  • Why a long term partner left me for someone else?
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So, the answer is it’s not about me it’s about everyone out there. Rejection is an unfavourable reaction that happens to everybody. It may occur in various phases of existence. People constantly try to keep an invariable sense of feeling with everyone they love. Feeling rejected by those people make them feel unwanted, unloved and undesirable. It can be a career talk, friendship or the one you love. It always hurts, creates disappointment and gives origin to an unpleasant experience.
This pain can cut pretty deep too. In fact, rejection appears to activate the same regions in the brain that physical pain does.

But fearing rejection can hold a person back from achieving what he certainly desires. It has the power to conceal the inner positivity and generate a negative sentiment towards life. Fortunately, this whole process of being dim towards life can be overcome by adopting a few possible mindsets.


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That tones weird? For me, that’s not! Among those enormous unfavourable arenas of life, I too got a major rejection. Why I’m conversing about this! Talking is something which creates the possibility to overcome fear and gather people’s positive mindset towards you, which eventually fetches you back to your normal identity. It provides the opportunity of self-discovery and growth.

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For instance, you applied for a job, amassed hope that it will work and unfortunately you faced rejection. This will create severe distress. But looking at your resume you can formulate or provoke yourself to brush up some skills and upgrade yourself. After a few months, you will realize that working on new skills created immense opportunities to get a better career proposal.

If it’s a case of a relationship, one rejection can help you to concentrate on your life’s priority. It can create a small phase of negativity towards unwanted feelings and It can also set you on a path to finding someone who’s a great fit from the start.


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Have you ever wonder the core cause of your fear. What’s the intention behind those countless concerns before receiving rejections. Discovering the answer can help you get out of this!

If you are worried or concern about a job rejection then might be the root cause is your financial insecurities or you have not formulated a plan B to work on. So, this lends an opportunity to work on a few more plans beforehand and this may create confidence to deal with any such heart bending circumstances.

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If it’s a relationship, then you might not want to be felt alone. When you realize what you actually crave for, you will work on enlarging your friend zone. This will surely work on diminishing the fear of being alone.


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Rejection is a universal experience and everybody gets into it. Fear of rejection is a common feeling whether it occurs to a job seeker or a well-worth businessman expanding business proposals. According to a theory explained by Brian Jones, a therapist in Seattle.

It’s a bad feeling when we come across a situation which we never imagined to get in. But, life never bestows the best on everyone. So, when we realize the fact that this happens to every human being, it creates a sense of comfort. It makes you believe that rejection is a part of life. It may help you fear it less.


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No, it’s not an bad attitude literally, it’s a way of categorising and comparing the ratio of people who rejected and who wholeheartedly accepted your deeds. That’s obvious you will get a positive explanation for this judgement. Now, this positive result will build a base for creating a favourable sense because the intensity of your negative emotions will depend on the degree of attention you place on the rejection. Shift the mindset towards the people who made you feel outstanding.


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When we get a rejection, we start interpreting ourselves as worthless. Gradually, we start suppressing all the potential we possess. But, trust me this is the time to explore and challenge yourself to do what so eternally your crazy mind and wild soul wants to. Learn to take rejections as proof that you are worthy enough to take the risk to experience the wide realm of complications available on this earth.
Start allotting time to yourself. Your self-love and uniqueness will slowly reduce the dark sense of refusal. It may sound ineffective but as it acted like magic on me, it gives surge to conclude with positivity on what I say.


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When a person faces rejection, inner self easily falls into a pattern of self-criticism. You may feel aspects as you are the only reason behind all the mess. You may say things like- ‘ I’m not worthy enough’, ‘ I chat too much’, ‘I’m boring’ and so on. Just reinforcing the fault you have not performed at all, will make you feel more depressed.
Stop distressing your inner peace and start being thankful for what you got. Positive thinking doesn’t always make situations turn out a certain way, but it can help improve your perspective. If still, the situation doesn’t go right, try to tell yourself what you ‘d tell a loved one with the same situation.

Let’s start to look at rejection as an alternative for development, rather than something you can’t change, can help you feel less worried about the possibility.
The pain usually subsides in time, and this pain is no exception. In a year or even a few months, it may no longer count very much.