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What to write when you don’t know WHAT TO WRITE?

Oh, God! Is this happening again? Why I’m not getting the words to start a new piece of content? Why I’m so blank? Do these mind blunders just happen to me or someone else also gets those issue while starting a good work?🥴

So, guys! Have you ever developed a situation, when you are ready with your laptop, grabbed a perfect cup of your favourite coffee, assigned a perfect place to work constantly and gosh! You are out of every thought, every sign of content you wished to write. You don’t know where to begin. That’s what exactly happening to me right now.🤓 Well, nothing to worry. Let’s make this issue, a content. As I’m sure many of us being involved with everyday chores, endless work pressures and managing each and every bit of energy to stay productive, couldn’t manage to sit and do what we actually want to. Let’s face this and overcome this specific time lapsing error!

You are not alone, everyone faces that same question at some stage of writing journey-don’t give up, go with the flow!

What have I been avoiding lately?

So, this is something that every person tend to do. Avoid! Dip into the question and start finding the reasons behind avoiding something. This may be anything a book, a blog post, a contest, a personal issue or whatever it is. Just grab it. Try to be honest with yourself. Start finding the solutions- where the avoidance is coming from? What are the excuses I made, just to avoid this scenario, and so on? Sometimes, questioning self brings a powerful beginning for the struggles and topics that inspire more self-knowledge.

When we write about a topic that explores our life’s journey, writing becomes an aid for our own healing and self-actualization.

My last post on people-pleasing is completely based on this theory! I was dealing with avoiding a group get-together. I just settled and started putting down the reasons behind avoiding such cases. I came up with a great content to share with you guys. I’m glad I did, I got outstanding responses. I enlightened myself with a new piece of knowledge.
I’m not the only one dealing with these issues. The sole option is to overcome it with your positive attitude and help others to do the same.

Check out what’s happening around!

This is my second best option when I’m out of words. I just look around what’s happening. If you are searching for some crucial issues or hot topics to write on you will easily get it on Here you can fetch some really awesome topics to know what is happening in your industry. Type in any website or topic, and you’ll quickly see a list of the most-shared posts for your target market.
Everyday life also rewards us with a lot of topics to be thankful about. Recently, my 6 yrs old wanted to write a blog post without knowing what it actually is. She engraved a beautiful piece with of course a lot of mistakes, but she too enlightened me with some great thoughts about taking care of those, who need us the most. I’m delighted, how a small mind can generate those enormous beautiful emotions for everyone around.

“Hello, friends,
If you have unused clothes or unused toys, we should give them to poor people. If you want to share money or food, you should do it too. We should teach poor children, who don’t have parents. I also give them money to buy toys. We should help those people who are living on the roadside because its very cold out there, its raining. Coronavirus is very dangerous and those who are poor, they have no homes. Some people only help rich people. But, we should always help those who are poor.
Stay home stay safe”.

-Aaradhya Beri

Ask your readers!

When you are out of thoughts, just open up your mailing list. Show some love and gratitude to your readers. Gift them some pleasing write-ups and try to formulate a small survey regarding what your audience expects you to compose. Use tools like to create a survey and ask your readers what they have questions about. If you are having an active social media channel, that works, too!

Writing about your failure!

Now, this point really does need lots of courage and strength to work on. Trust me it does! When a person wants to write about achievements and success, the inner soul uplifts thousand of positive phrases to explain them. But, at the same time when a person wants to inscribe downfalls, it delivers uncomfortable and embarrassing dilemmas.

I too faced it earlier, but the fact is without overcoming failure a person couldn’t achieve success. Failure gives us the opportunity to work on self more. Provokes us to change our mindset and attitude towards accomplishing a task.

Tell your readers the time you failed, they will surely find it relatable. They will try to overcome their inner conflict and will be inspired by your story of how you overcome the failure and learned from it.

Talk to Twitter!

Search for some recent tweets, look for what sort of questions, comments and problems people are sharing nowadays. What solution they are looking for. This can give you a great opportunity to create great content. For instance, I have added a tweet below, which can definitely be seized as a good content to work on. You can also search for your best-engaged post. Traffic can be a good indicator that you have hit on a topic your readers want to know more about. Can you cover those topics with a new perspective and additional information?

So, basically, I have jotted a few important points which will keep you engaged without being stressed. But, I think there are a lot more points we can add to this list.

I am eagerly awaiting some more lifesavers just to quick start my writing journey. Inspire me with your experience and do suggest me, what should I write next?🤓


So..a little more about me. I am a mum to a 7-year-old girl and I'm so good at it-I guess☺, wife to a lovely husband. I also work as a Content Creator, Blogger and Nutrition Expert. I have an enduring passion for books, gardening and travel story writings. I love to write about Lifestyle Management, Nutrition, Travel diaries, Work-life balance, gardening and Photographic Journeys. So, I hope you find something you like here- feel free to comment if you do!

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  • Wonderful write up. I also like the pictures that you use in your post. do you use any software or tool for that?

    • Canva is the best option for all types of graphic designing. Hope this works well for you too. Thank you so much for adoring this one!😊

        • No, not yet. But I'm planning to do so as we get a lot more templates and illustration to work on. Now, I'm just working on the trial version. But it too works well for small easy go illustrations, frames, shapes etc. If you need some help in it, do share your thoughts. I'm there to clarify.

          • Thank you so much Sangeeta...I also use Canva but never tried animation, frames, and shapes...I think there are lot more to explore on Canva...I will definitely reach you if needed...

          • I sometimes experience a writer's block with nothing to write about. These are actually good ideas! Thanks a lot for sharing.

          • This is a great post, thanks for the ideas. It’s so hard to write when you feel uninspired maybe some of these tips will help 😊

  • Love the tips! Getting started is the hardest part of writing to me. I've never heard of Buzzsumo, and it sounds really handy. Have to check that out! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you so much for adoring this write up! Yaa, you should look into Buzzsumo, it's a great source of information.

  • I think you hit a really important point. Putting out information isn't what a blog is about. It putting out information with our personal prospective. Putting out the facts but then adding how it worked or didn't work and why we feel that way is what the reader is looking for. Any topic or niche really comes down to sharing our personality.

    • Thank you so much dear for adoring my work! Blogging is all about interactions, sharing personal mindsets and work positively on creating a better informative environment. I too love reading the contents which comes out of personal and emotional senses. It develops a positivity towards life! Thanks for the read!

  • This was really helpful and encouraging. I've been experiencing a lack of inspiration lately as I transition into a new season in my life, and it's made writing on my blog very challenging. Thanks for your tips and tricks!

    • Thank you so much for your love dear! I am glad my work somehow, encouraged you gaining back the involvement towards what you love. Thanks for the read😊

  • Nice post! I really like how you mentioned that we need to ask ourselves why we're avoiding it and to think about our surroundings, people, and perspective. Oh and your daughter's excerpt is so sweet and true! 🙂

  • I really enjoyed reading this post! Sometimes I find it can be hard to think up new posts to write about, it's always the getting started part that I struggle with. Once I start writing though it's fine! I like the idea of using Buzzsumo, I've never heard of it before, but it should come in super useful - thank you!

    • Thank you so much dear for this read! While starting this write-up, I was completely blank and I guessed that I am not the only one to deal with this trauma🤓. Hope my suggestions work on you too!

  • Such great tips! Sometimes it's hard to come up with ideas to write about or even have time to brainstorm or write lengthy posts, so these ideas really come in handy. I love the idea of surveying our email list. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you so much for the read! I'm glad you loved the content. I'm a great fan of your cooking talent too. Keep reading and keep inspiring. ☺

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