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Easing Wanderlust during COVID 19 Isolation

Weekends 🙄🤪

From last few weeks, we all were gaping between workdays and weekends. This column is all about the crucial justification behind it and how this exceedingly vicious situation can be handled positively.
While you won’t be travelling for the next few months doesn’t mean you stop exploring. Wanderers never stride back.😊

Rather start planning your dream trip now. Assigning something positive will definitely boost you from negativity.

I believe life is better when you choose the weirdest way to define yourself

When you turn up the music,

Eat too many chocolates,

Walk barefoot on sand,

Soak up nature,

Roam like a Gipsy,

Work as no-good but stay like a tinker

Those things won’t make life perfect,

But, they sure as hell make this strange ride more fun.


You might not be able to do the booking parts but surely can get immense time to check various possibilities for cost supervision. Trust me it’s the best moment to sit back and blueprint your fantasy.
Here I’m suggesting few ways to gear up for this journey.

Recollect Favorite trip memories

Treasure gathering ❤

There’s something special about looking back on photos of past trips and walking down the memory lane. Like me, every Wanderer collects huge pictures.  Start sorting out your best pictures and moments you always want to cherish.

Now’s the time for those amazing captures to get printed and used as some skilful creations.

Pretty impressions

Whether you can create a travel journal, a beautiful destined scrapbook or simply a photo hanging creation on your favourite wall.

The after feeling will surely give you that boost.✌

Build a dream board on Pinterest

Pinterest aims to be a safe and happy place for inspiration and self-improvement. As it’s my go-to site for motivation all the time. Explore the world through various pins and create your own board. The place you want to visit. Various trends and outfits you want to wear on your next voyage. Places you want to click and lot more.

Choose the place you haven’t been before

There are different types of vacations. It may be any tropical holiday or a safari. Or some scuba diving sessions you always dreamt of. And not to forget it’s the best time to save for your dream trip since we are not out for social spending.🤓

Heaven ❤

Check the flight paths

While you may not be travelling right this moment still it’s fun to explore all the possibilities you can take in the future. Try out Skyscanner to see possible routes to anywhere in the world.

Think it as a WINDOW SHOPPING for your next awesome outing.😉

My from-home exploring secret😍

Google Arts & Culture

Guys, now that’s the most thrilling part of this blog post. Since we can’t move out of our place..which actually is depressing could be converted to an exciting one.

From the inventor of the toilet to what’s inside of a black hole. Fun facts, exciting stories, awesome activities, books, movies,  music and everything you could ever imagine is in this one zone.
Google has teamed up with over 2,500 museums and galleries to bring you online exhibits. From the British Museum in London to the Guggenheim Museum in New York to the Musée d’Orsay in Paris—you can find it all on Google Arts & Culture.

So, I hope all my effort to conquer the desire to move out at this crucial crises will help you guys. And in addition, I really wish you guys to add some better ideas to it.

Stay home stay safe and keep exploring.✌

Much love ❤️

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So..a little more about me. I am a mum to a 7-year-old girl and I'm so good at it-I guess☺, wife to a lovely husband. I also work as a Content Creator, Blogger and Nutrition Expert. I have an enduring passion for books, gardening and travel story writings. I love to write about Lifestyle Management, Nutrition, Travel diaries, Work-life balance, gardening and Photographic Journeys. So, I hope you find something you like here- feel free to comment if you do!

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